A Difficult Diagnosis

May 23 2013

Meghan Steele was diagnosed with the rare genetic condition neurofibromatosis when she was five years old. The condition cause tumors to grow on nerves and can an inherited condition or cause by a spontaneous mutation.

Blue Sky Green Tree

May 16 2013


May 16 2013 St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School student Diane Rogers tries out one of the prototype "holes" for the Frisbee golf, also known as Frolf, course that the students are building at the school. Once complete the 6 hole course will be open for the public to use.

Living History At Library

May 10 2013 Ruth Holtz, reference librarian at the Bracebridge Public Library, holds oup one of the CD's that make up the Living History Project. The Project features interviews with over 80 local people and historians, documenting the town's events and growth.

She's Back

May 9 2013 After 18 months of restoration the famed Miss Canada IV race boat took to the water for the first time in 64 years for a series of test runs in Gravenhurst Bay. Unfortunately a faulty cooling system caused the testing to be cut short after only completing a single high speed run.

Cat Eyes

May 9 2013

Life With Alzheimer's

May 7 2013 Evelyn Malcolm, 92, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and has had her daughter Evelyn Goldbourne move in so she could stay in her home in Port Sydney. In her bedroom her grand daughter labelled the family photos so Evelyn could remember their names.

Living With Alzheimer's

May 3 2013 Mary Lou and her husband Doug Matchette at their home in Bracebridge. Doug was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease five years ago.


May 6 2013

Banff, AB

Apr 29 2013 Banff, AB !!!

Looking Up

Apr 28 2013 Looking up of the Bow Building in downtown Calgary, AB.

Record Breaking

Apr 24 2013 John Wood from Bracebridge has been keeping track of the water levels from his home on the Muskoka River for the past 15 years. According to his records this years flood is the highest in that time.

Muskoka River Flooding

Apr 24 2013 Flood levels have reached record levels along the Muskoka River in Bracebridge.