Gravenhurst Polar Bear Dip

Feb 23 2013

Over 20 people braved not just the freezing water but also a snowstorm to participate in the Gravenhurst Polar Bear Dip during the town's annual Winter Carnival. Participants could warm up in a heated bus before and after they took the icy plunge into Gull Lake.

Hooked On Books

Feb 21 2013Chief librarian for the Huntsville Public Library, Deborah Duce.

Story Time

Feb 21 2013

Danielle Hely reads to her daughter Adelyn during a kids storytime session at the Bracebridge Library.

Making A Mess of Macbeth

Feb 20 2013

Emilie Berry rehearses as Macbeth in the Shakespeare spoof the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of Macbeth being put on by the Huntsville Community Theatre Group.

Toboggan Time

Feb 17 2013

For the past 12 years Ed Chassie has been building a toboggan run in his back yard for neighborhood kids to use all winter long. The run in it's current form is approximately 750m long and features a couple of banked curves where riders can reach a top speed of 25km/h.

Trudeau Reaches Out To Muskoka

Feb 15 2013

Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau paid a visit to Sportsplex in Bracebridge where he spoke to a gathered crowd of over 200 people. Afterwards he took time to meet with members of the audience, including autographing Nancy Tapley's mug with the famous 'Fuddle Duddle' phrase made by Justin's father and former PM Pierre Elliott Trudea. He also tried out the facilities climbing wall.

Mind Your Manners

Feb 14 2013Rehearsal for the play Table Manners being performed at the Trinity United Anglican Church in Huntsville.

Kids Lacrosse

Feb 12 2013

Huntsville Hawks Lacrosse holds a learn to play lacrosse workshop every week for kids aged 4 to 8 years old.

Blue Sky Tree Top

Feb 10 2013

Pond Hockey

Feb 10 2013

The 7th annual Muskoka Pond Hockey Tournament was held at the Gravenhurst Wharf over the weekend. Over 80 teams battled for supremacy on the ice in the 3 on 3 tournament.

De Plane De Plane

Feb 10 2013

The Educated Unemployed

Feb 7 2013

Rebecca Gazarek is one of the many educated youth in Muskoka that are either unemployed or underemployed. The Muskoka region ranks second in the province in this statistic.

Costume Time

Feb 6 2013

Ewan Wheatley adjusts the bowtie on his costume during the first costume fitting for Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma! at the Rene M. Caisse Theatre.

Muskoka Skiers

Feb 6 2013

Cameron Raynor and Benjamin Osorio competitive nordic skiers.

Muskoka Ice Climbing

Feb 3 2013

Got to go ice climbing with local climbers Michael Bryant (grey coat) and Kevin French (green coat) at an ice wall along the Muskoka River near Bracebridge.

Port Carling Polar Bears

Feb 3 2013

Port Carling held their annual Polar Bear Dip with about 20 people taking the icy plunge into the water.

Dara Howell X-Games Medallist

Feb 2 2013

Dara Howell, from Huntsville, won a bronze medal at the X-Games in the women's slopestyle. This was her second time competing at the X-Games and her first medal.

Triangle Tree Top

Feb 1 2013


Feb 1 2013

Weather phenomena called a Solar Halo, which creates a prism affect from light reflecting off of ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Captain Wordragen

Feb 1 2013

Captain Melissa Wordragen from the Huntsville Cadets was the recipient of a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Oldtimers Hockey

Feb 1 2013

Three members of the Bushwackers seniors mens hockey team who will be participating in the Seniors Winter Games being held in Huntsville next month.

Ice Safety

Jan 30 2013

OPP Sergeant Larry Butterfield.

Buckets Of Blood

Jan 29 2013

Rod Bound holds up his blood donor card that he recieved for making his 100th donation. Bound has the extremely rare AB Rh negative blood type and has been donating blood since 1967. He was at the blood donor clinic held at the Bracebridge Sportsplex to make his 144th donation.

Port Sydney Scenery

Jan 26 2013

Carr Lake Rink

Jan 25 2013

Seniors Badminton

Jan 24 2013

Jane Booker will be participating in the mix doubles badminton event at the upcoming Seniors Winter Games in Huntsville.

Making A Splash

Jan 22 2013

Kids swimming at the Bracebridge Sportsplex.