Info Radio

Aug 24 2012

Portrait of Gord Kidder, who is starting a new information radio station that will broadcast across South Muskoka.

Going To The Dogs

Aug 23 2012

Dogs enjoying the brand new off leash dog park at the end of John St in Gravenhurst. The park's official name is the Staff Sargeant Larry Bigley Canine Park, named in honour of Larry Bigley a former handler for the Canine Unit in Gravenhurst who passed away from cancer in 2010.

Muskoka's Lone Rider

Aug 18 2012

OPP Constable Brett McRoberts riding Maverick, the only OPP horse in Muskoka. Maverick is one of only 4 OPP horses in the province. McRoberts has raised Maverick from birth and the two of them have trained with the Toronto Police Services Mounted Unit.

Bracebridge Highland Games

Aug 18 2012

Bracebridge hosted it's annual Highland Games, which featured a wide variety of Highland competitions including dancing, bagpiping, and keg tossing.

Muskoka Lakes Town Hall Meeting

Aug 18 2012

The Township of Muskoka Lakes held a town hall meeting at the Port Carling Community Centre. Mayor Alice Murphy hosted the event which discussed some of the pressing issues in the community including the Township's purchase of the Milford Manor Golf Course.

The Township's CAO Walt Schmid smiles on what would be his last day before becoming the new director of public works for the Town of Bracebridge.

It's All In The Eye

Aug 16 2012

Opthamologist Dr. Dwight Silvera


Aug 16 2012

Portrait of Ike Kelneck for a story about Lyme disease.

Encaustic Artist

Aug 16 2012

Portraits of encaustic artist Paul Garbett at his studio in Bracebridge. Encaustic painting uses colored beeswax instead of paint.

Paintball Part III: Backcountry Paintball

Aug 16 2012

Kids participate in the Young Guns night at Backcountry Paintball in Bracebridge.

Nurse Pratitioners Part III I Think

Aug 15 2012

Nurse Practitioners Leanna Lefebvre and Abby Kitchen from Huntsville's Nurse Practioner Clinic.

Double Dog

Aug 15 2012

Paintball Part II: HP-EH Paintball

Aug 15 2012

Kids learn techniques and tactics at a paintball summer camp at HP-EH paintball in Huntsville.

Paintball Part I: MJD Paintball

Aug 15 2012

Staff from Deerhurst Resort enjoy their day off by playing a few rounds of paintball at MJD Paintball in Huntsville.

Foggy Fisherman

Aug 15 2012

The Olympic Sandman

Aug 13 2012

Todd Knapton, the vice president of business development at Hutcheson Sand & Mixes, holds up the original sample of the perfect beach volleyball sand given to him by 1996 Atlanta Olympic bronze medallist Mark Heese. Hutcheson Sand & Mixes used that sample to develop "V" sand and is the official sand supplier for the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). Hutcheson Sand & Mixes have supplied beach volleyball sand for every Summer Olympics since the 2000 Sydney Games.

MLA Antique Boat Show

Aug 12 2012

The Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) held its bi-annual boat show on Sunday, at the Port Carling Docks, featuring over 80 classic wooden boats.

Sunset Waterski

Aug 8 2012

Photo from the weekly Summer waterski show at the Gravenhurst Wharf.

En Plein Aire

July 26 2012

An outdoor art auction was held as part of the 4th annual Huntsville En Plein Aire. The auction raises money for the Huntsville Festival of Arts. Auctioneer Gord Mitchell presided over the biding with his cane.


July 26 2012

Portrait of author Zander Sherman whose book The Curiosity of School is about to be published by Penguin Publishing.

Seniors Square Dancing

July 25 2012

Seniors square dancing at the Bracebridge Seniors Activity Centre.