On A Couch

Oct 27 2011
Another new Couch Portrait, with the new job I will be able to add to do them quite often now. This one is of Moose FM morning show personality Andrea Kitchen.

Another Portrait

Oct 27 2011
Portrait of physician Laura Lewis.

Harp Strings

Oct 25 2011

Local harpist Sharon Bacon recently returned from a trip to Israel where she and a group of 23 other international harpists performed.


Oct 24 2011
Crushed cans ready for recycling.

A Wall And A Portrait

Oct 24 2011
Portrait of Tom Steadman Chair of the Economic Development Advisory Committee in Gravenhurst.


Oct 21 2011An old shack in the woods near Trethewey Falls.

Cottage Construction

Oct 20 2011
Got to see some really nice cottages today that were under construction for a story on the Muskoka Builders Association.

Hospital Care

Oct 18 2011

Some photos I really like from a nixed story on hospital care.

Mountain Biking Portrait

Oct 18 2011
Portait of Owen local mountain biker.

New Couch Portrait

Oct 17 2011
It has been awhile since I did a Couch Portrait but today I got to shoot local Muskoka MPP Norm Miller in his office. The perfect chance to do a new Couch Portrait.

Crantastic! Bala Cranberry Festival

Oct 16 2011

Some photos from the Bala Cranberry Festival. Big thanks to Murray Johnston and Mike French for the unlimited access and tour of Johnston's Cranberry Marsh.

Jennette and Shawn Bushey Wedding

Oct 15 2011

More Food Related Pics

Oct 14 2011

Spring Greens are full of vitamins and nutrients, many of which can be grown year round in your home. Chris Wagled runs a business connecting people in the community with locally grown produce.

You Can Eat That

Oct 13 2011
Apparently you can take the tops of Sumac trees and brew a tea out of them. One of the many local plants that are edible.

New Job = New Photos

Oct 12 2011
I recently started a new job with SunMedia in Muskoka. I will now be the Chief Photographer for Muskoka Magazine, What's Up Muskoka, and a variety of specialty publications. My first assignment was to shoot a historic recipe for cake at a local museum.