Super Mega Banker Portraits

Dec 14 2011

A couple of portraits from the week, a banker, and an artist. I think you can guess which is which.


Dec 11 2011Some graffiti on the dam in Baysville.

Baysville Santa Claus Parade

Dec 11 2011

Some photos from the fifth and final Santa Claus parade of the year for Muskoka in Baysville.

A Sweet Scarf

Dec 11 2011Got this sweet OWS scarf in the mail the other day.

Beastly Portraits

Dec 8 2011

A couple portraits of local author Brian Dearsly and his new book The Beast of Wildeor. It's a fantasy story set in Muskoka so I figured with the snow coming down and some woods behind the office we'd be able to get some good shots. He even gave me a copy of the book to read.


Dec 7 2011Photo to go along with an article on the growth of Nurse Practitioner Clinics in Muskoka.

Downtown Snaps

Dec 4 2011


Nov 24 2011Mustache portrait.

Christmas Window

Nov 23 2011
Christmas window display in downtown Bracebridge.

A Mayoral Mustache

Nov 23 2011

A portrait of Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty and his mustache that he grew for Movember.

Portrait Of A Sandwich

Nov 19 2011A portrait of a delicious ham and cheese sandwich.

Gravenhurst Santa Claus Parade

Nov 19 2011

A few pics from the Gravenhurst Santa Claus Parade that I liked.

Wharf Puggle Feature

Nov 15 2011Just a nice feature pic at the Gravenhurst Wharf.


Nov 15 2011Sign for the Schat bakery and cafe in Huntsville.

Birthday Rock

Nov 14 2011
Birthday rock out in the woods.


Nov 13 2011
I swear this is the last SPCA related photo.


Nov 12 2011

A couple random pics from Bala's Santa Claus parade

Not Another One

Nov 11 2011Another person taking photos using an ipad.

Orange Wall Shots

Nov 11 2011

A couple portraits shot during the mustering of the parade for Rememberance Day. Using the orange walls of the arena as a background.

Rememberance Day Bracebridge

Nov 11 2011

Part 2 of my photos from Bracebridge's Rememberance Day ceremonies.

Rememberance Day Honour Guard

Nov 11 2011

Part 1 of my photos from Bracebridge's Rememberance Day ceremonies.

Cats And Dogs

Nov 10 2011

The Bracebridge SPCA is moving into a brand new facility, here's a couple pics from a tour of it.

Fluffy Jar

Nov 10 2011A nice table centrepiece.

More Couch

Nov 10 2011Another new Couch Portrait.


Nov 8 2011Headshot taken with my 50mm lens that I haven't used in ages.


Nov 8 2011Some rather imposing looking clouds outside the office.

Couchs And Guns

Nov 7 2011

Don Crossland from the Huntsville Gun Club.

Totem Pole Installation

Nov 4 2011A refurbished totem pole being installed in downtown Bracebridge.

Public Works

Nov 3 2011
A photo from a story on municipal works vs contract workers.