Dirty Words

Sept 24 2009
A message scrawled onto the back of a dirty van, and poor spelling.

Are You Ready For Some Football

Sept 24 2009
The highschool football season officially kicked off today. Which means I will be trying to shoot as many games as possible before its over. First game of the season saw the Innisdale Invaders win over the Banting Marauders 21-16 in a mistake-laden game that saw plenty of turnovers and penalties.

More Burbs

Sept 20 2009Another shot from my ongoing project on suburbia.

Riding In Style

Sept 19 2009Now these pups are riding in style.

PREVIEW: The Burbs

Sept 10 2009

A preview of a new project I am working on, or rather an expansion of a current project, "Subdivisions" I have been working on. The new project will focus not just on the houses being built, but also the businesses, schools, and strip malls, that form the landscape of an ever growing Suburbia. I'm going to try to shoot it in a style that fits a 1950's Suburban development ad, using the HDR-like effects seen on some of my recent work.


Sep 2 2009Was shooting more photos for "The Suburbs" photo story, this was an outtake, but I like it in black & white.