Olympic Torch Run Wasaga Beach

Dec 29 2009

The Olympic Torch Relay passed through Wasaga Beach today, I managed to get a few pics of it as it sped past. There were only 5 Torch Bearers from the community, so the whole thing was over very quickly.

Couch Portrait

Dec 19 2009A new couch portrait.

Laugh Out Loud

Dec 12 2009Took some family portraits for my friend Amanda for Christmas, here she is with her brother Mitch.

Smoking & Fishing

Nov 22 2009

Another unseasonably warm day had many people out along the lakeshore in Barrie, ON, and out on the water fishing in Kempenfelt Bay.

Self Portrait

Nov 14 2009I realized I've never posted a self portrait before, so I set up a makeshift studio in my basement, and decided to make one.

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Oct 31 2009Andrew Jackson Jihad performed as part of the Fest 8 at the Civic Media Center in Gainesville, Fl. After playing inside they decided to take the show outside and performed in the parking lot next door for the people who couldn't get in to see the show.


Oct 31 2009The Civic Media Center in Gainesville, FL is a large independent alternative media library and was a part the the Fest 8 concert going on in Gainesville showcasing many up and coming punk bands.

Katrina Feet

Oct 29 2009Heard lots of amazing stories about Katrina from the people we met in New Orleans. This is a shot of Paul's feet while he was recounting his story.

New Orleans

Oct 29 2009Went to New Orleans to hang with some people we met at the bike polo tournament. New Orleans is a awesome city and the hospitality was amazing. Flag in the Frech Quarter.

Interstate Fair

Oct 26 2009Went to a real American fair in Pensacola, Florida.

Pensacola Bike Polo

Oct 24 2009Participated in the Pensacola Fall Brreak Bike Polo tournament where I managed to place dead last, not surprising since it was my first time playing. But the court was really nice, and there was a huge church behind it.

Pensacola Palms

Oct 24 2009Made to it Pensacola Florida to take part in a bike polo tournament but first some palm trees.

Nashville Tennesee

Oct 23 2009Went on a 2 week road trip to Florida with my buddy Johnny. First night stayed in Nashville and found this funny crossing sign, in the background is the Somnet Centre home of the NHL's Nashville Predators.

Rainy Day Football

Oct 9 2009

A couple pics from a rainy afternoon football game between the Eastview Wildcats and the St. Joan of Arc Knights. Eastview won 8-6.

The Falls

Oct 3 2009A view of Niagara Falls, and the Maid of the Mist.

Dirty Words

Sept 24 2009
A message scrawled onto the back of a dirty van, and poor spelling.

Are You Ready For Some Football

Sept 24 2009
The highschool football season officially kicked off today. Which means I will be trying to shoot as many games as possible before its over. First game of the season saw the Innisdale Invaders win over the Banting Marauders 21-16 in a mistake-laden game that saw plenty of turnovers and penalties.

More Burbs

Sept 20 2009Another shot from my ongoing project on suburbia.

Riding In Style

Sept 19 2009Now these pups are riding in style.

PREVIEW: The Burbs

Sept 10 2009

A preview of a new project I am working on, or rather an expansion of a current project, "Subdivisions" I have been working on. The new project will focus not just on the houses being built, but also the businesses, schools, and strip malls, that form the landscape of an ever growing Suburbia. I'm going to try to shoot it in a style that fits a 1950's Suburban development ad, using the HDR-like effects seen on some of my recent work.


Sep 2 2009Was shooting more photos for "The Suburbs" photo story, this was an outtake, but I like it in black & white.

A Whatcycle

Aug 30 2009Today was Barrie's first Car Free Sunday event. Despite the rain numerous people came out to support the event which was also a fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Many unique bikes were on hand to try out including this rather unusual "Shoencycle".

New Project

Aug 24 2009

Some images from a new project I am starting, more images, and a preview to come soon.


Aug 15 2009Carl in the garden.

Sneaky Cuz

Aug 15 2009One of my little cousins who hates to have his photo taken.

Fam Q

Aug 15 2009A picture from a weekend family BBQ in Midland, ON. Again trying something new with the image.

Hot Hip Shot

Aug 15 2009Another picture from my series of Hip Shots, this time taken at Caribfest. Compilation of images coming soon.

Feelin' The Beat

Aug 15 2009Steel drum player at Caribfest in Barrie, ON.

Caribfest 2009

Aug 15 2009This weekend was Barrie's second ever Caribfest. The event started last year has quickly grown to become an all weekend celebration of Carribean culture, and so too have the costumes. The effect on the image was done afterwards in Photoshop.


Aug 8 2009Photo from a recent trip to the ROM.

Kempenfest 2009

Aug 1 2009
This weekend is Kempenfest in Barrie, the biggest event of the year in town, and one of the largest craft festivals in the province. It is expected to draw 250 000 visitors. I took some photos at the midway.


June 11 2009Went to my buddy Adam's place up at Wasaga Beach, and had a bonfire. You may also notice a new larger design for a watermark.

Portrait Of A Dog, Sort Of

May 11 2009
I found this at work today in someone's backyard. It's definetly a real dog skull, I can only hope it was a coyote's and not the family pet's.

Charlie Again

May 10 2009
Another shot of my Grandma's dog Charlie.


May 3 2009I went and shot some photos for my long term project on a Subdivision development being built. You can check out a preview of the project in the sidebar, now with new images.


Apr 29 2009
My Grandma's dog Charlie a Shih-Tzu.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Apr 26 2009International Dance Day 2009 was on Sunday, with an afternoon of free dance activities at Yonge-Dundas Square which featured a variety of dance styles on and off the stage.


Apr 26 2009Sikh's from all across the GTA gathered at Nathan Phillips for Vaisakhi. Vaisakhi is a holy day on the Sikh calendar, marking both the New Year and the historic date in 1699 when the distinctive symbols and strong guiding principles of the faith were forged.

Holga Lens BW

Apr 24 2009I was in Toronto all weekend for the NPAC conference, but before things kicked off I went for a walk with my new Holga lens to do some street photography.

Holga Lens Colour

Apr 17 2009
I tried out my new Holga lens setup for my 20D today down by the lake. It simple to use and the effect it has is quite nice. It's giving me lots of new ideas for some projects I want to work on.

Digital Holga What?

Apr 16 2009Today was an exciting day for me I recieved not one but two new lenses for my cameras. First off I finally purchased a used Canon 17-35mm L Lens, this means I now have a wide angle lens for my MK2, so I will be shooting much more than I have been. The second lens I got is the one you see in the picture, a Holga lens converted to mount on a Canon DSLR. I got it to try something new, expect some images soon from this setup.

CSRA Spring Finale

Apr 5 2009So it's been a while since my last post, so I dusted off my gear and went shooting. The Canadian Snowmobile Racing Association (CSRA) was holding its final event of the season at Horseshoe Valley Resort in Oro-Medonte. With the National Championships to be handed out in a variety of classes, including the vintage racer class.

Van City

Feb 23 2009Some buildings in downtown Vancouver, really liked the old little dome between the two newer buildings.

K Loops

Feb 9 2009
City of Kamloops sign on the Tournament Capital Centre, in Kamloops BC. Was in BC for the past month, Kamloops was my first stop.

Calgary At 15 000 Feet

Feb 5 2009My flight to Kamloops BC had a stopover in Calgary, and there's a pretty nice view of the city while flying. Calgary certainly looks like it has a lot of traffic.


Jan 8 2009Portrait of my sister Kristine. You may have noticed I haven't been shooting much lately, with the holidays, and a sprained ankle I haven't been able to get out as much as I would have liked. So I set up a makeshift studio in the basement and took some pics of the family, more to follow soon.