In Your Face

Sept 25 2008Alex Ebner from the North Vikings takes a fist in the face while returning a punt in a game versus the Twin Lakes Thunderbirds. North would go on to win the game 19-7.

Battle Of Britain: 68th Anniversary

Sept 21 2008Today marked the 68th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, a fearless defence of the British Home Isles, which saw the RAF break the back of the German Luftwaffe and postpone Hitler's planned invasion of Britain indefinetly, and heralded Germany's ultimate defeat at the hands of the Allies. Over 100 servicemen from the RCAF took part in the battle. Today they were honoured with a ceremony to commemorate the victory at Fred Grant Square in Barrie.

Thursday Night Lights

Sept 18 2008The Innisdale Invaders Sr team takes to the field during a night game as part of the opening day of the highschool football season. The games are part of Thursday Night Lights sponsored by the Barrie Examiner, where special lights are set up enabling play to continue well past sunset.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Sept 18 2008The highschool football season kicked off with an evening game with the St. Joan of Arc Knights facing off against the Innisdal Invaders. Garret McIsaac of the Knights a Cornerback watches as the offense takes the field after halftime. the Knights would lose 34-0.

What Just Happened

Sept 18 2008A referee explains a penalty to the head coach of the St. Joan of Arc Knights.


Sept 18 2008It's back, my favourite season of the year, Football season. The highschool regular season kicked off today with this game featuring the Jr teams from the Bear Creek Kodiaks (red) versus the Banting Marauders (black).

Man VS Pigeons

Sept 14 2008A man tries to enjoy his french fries at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, while fending off some persistent pigeons.


Sept 14 2008Another photo from my ongoing project of hipshots. This one on Queen Street in Toronto.


Sept 14 2008No caption

Frankenstein The Bike II: Truly A Supercycle

Sept 13 2008Second photo of my hybrid bicycle, made with parts from 4 different bikes. Features include a single rear brake, a sweet speedometer/odometer, and snazzy graphics.

More Hip Shots

Sept 1 2008The last long weekend of Summer, Labour Day, was spectacular with many people choosing to hit the beach. I did too and continued to work on my hip shooting pics. Centennial Beach, Barrie, ON.