Elvis Alive And Well In Collingwood

July 25 2008Elvis taking a stroll outside the Gayety Theatre in downtown Collingwood, ON.

Elvi Have Left The Building

July 25 2008Two Elvi (plural of Elvis) take a break from performing behind the Gayety Theatre in downtown Collingwood. Elvis impersonators come from all ages and denominations from 7 years of age to a Filipino grandmother named Xena (who was amazing).

Dragon Smile

July 25 2008The Dragon Coaster at the midway during ElvisFest in Collingwood, ON.

Collingwood ElvisFest 2008

July 25 2008The City of Collingwood held ElvisFest this weekend, now in its 14th year the event is the largest Elvis themed festival in the world. This year featured over 100 different Elvis impersonators all competing for the coveted Best Performer trophy. Here some of Elvis' children enjoy a laugh after their father performed on the main stage.

Hail To The King Baby!

July 25 2008One f the many Elvis impersonators performing at ElvisFest in Collingwood shows off his many rings, including Elvis' signature "Taking Care of Business" ring.

Another Hip Shot

July 25 2008Another shot taken from the hip while walking around, the second in a series of images of shots taken while my camera dangles from my neck-strap.


July 17 2008Seven year-old Brycen shows off his new look after losing his two front teeth.

Bottoms Up

July 17 2008Bottoms Up! drinking beer on a hot day at Wasaga Beach, ON.


July 17 2008Jenny Ferraro painting her nails before a night out in Wasaga Beach, ON.


July 13 2008Professional BBQ team Hawgs Gone Wild from Daytona Beach FL, was one of the many teams competing in the 7th Annual Barrie RibFest and Craft Beer show downtown at Memorial Square this weekend.

Hip Shooter

June 29 2008Shot from the hip; a man taking in the sights along Church Street during Pride Week.

Pride Parade 2008

June 29 2008This years Pride Parade in Toronto was on Sunday and featured hundreds of floats and costumes.

Pride Parade 2008

June 29 2008This years Pride Parade in Toronto was on Sunday and featured hundreds of floats and costumes.

Pride Parade 2008

June 29 2008Firemen hose down the crowd during this years Pride Parade in Toronto.

Frankenstein Bike

June 18 2008Self portrait of me and my bicycle that I built out of parts from four different bikes. Inspired by a series of portraits of bike couriers.

Jogger Legs

June 15 2008A jogger along the lake in Barrie, ON.

BarrieFest 2008

June 7 2008Children cooled off in today's stiffling heat by trying out the paddleboats, one of the many rides at this years BarrieFest celebrations at Centennial Beach.


June 7 2008Paramedics attend to an elderly woman suffering from heat stroke. Today was another record breaking day with temperatures reaching 35C.

Parasol Walk

June 7 2008A little girl attempts to stay cool with her parasol during today's extreme heat and high UV index.


June 7 2008A player from Ajax makes a leaping grab during a spring training football game held at Barrie North Collegiate.


June 4 2008Portrait of a dog, Benji a long-haired Chihuahua.

My favourite toys growing up were my Battle Beasts, so I decided to dig them out of the basement and take some photos of them. I left them dirtied up to show their age and that they've been well used, some are missing arms, while others still have mud dried onto them. 80's toys were the best.