A Horse Of Course

Nov 23 2008Took some pictures at a horse barn up in Oro-Medonte, so of course a horse pic follows.

Winter Strikes Back

Nov 17 2008I found this little beauty while working the other day an original AT-AT walker from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back.

It's Snowing, Let's Fish

Nov 16 2008The first majour snowstorm of the year battered Barrie delivering over 35cm in most areas. That didn't stop many from going out and fishing along the shore, these two however went one step further and brought their boat despite the snow.

A City Grieves

Nov 5 2008The City of Barrie recieved the news it wished not to hear, that the body of Brandon Crisp had been found. Many had held out hope that he was still alive and merely just hiding after an argument with his parents on Thanksgiving Monday caused the fifteen year old to run away from home.

Mourning Brandon Crisp

Nov 5 2008People from all over Barrie gathered at Hickling Park to mourn the loss of Brandon Crisp after news that his body was found by hunters earlier in the day.

Brandon Crisp Candlelight Memorial

Nov 5 2008Mourners gathered at Hickling Park near the home of Brandon Crisp after news that his body was found by hunters earlier in the day. Brandon Crisp ran away from home nearly 3 weeks ago, and an exhaustive search had turned up nothing.

The Weasel

Oct 18 2008Comedian Pauly Shore is in Barrie for the weekend performing 3 shows at Yuk Yuks. The star of "Encino Man", "Jury Duty", and "Biodome" was signing autographs at Liquid Chrome on Dunlop Street.

Another Thursday, Another Football Game

Oct 16 2008A shot from the Innisdale versus Nantyr highschool football game. I noticed that everytime Innisdale kicked the ball after scoring the players on the sidelines would raise their helmets in the air, so I positioned myself to make this silhouette.

Yes, More Football

Oct 16 2008Highschool football season continues, with another edition of Thursday Night Lights, this weeks game featured the Innisdale Invaders versus the Nantyr Shores Tritons. The Tritons played an aggressive game and stuck to their punishing ground game, while the undefeated Invaders took the intiative and struck the endzone quickly with an effective passing attack. The Invaders won 36-9 to remain undefeated at 5-0.

Ben and Reshma Germuska

Oct 10 2008My friend Ben got married on Friday, here he is about to kiss his bride Reshma during the reception at the Lions Hall in Copetown near Hamilton. The ceremony took place at Westfield Pioneer Village which was a great setting and the weather was perfect.

Mr. Light

Oct 10 2008Daniel Light


Oct 10 2008Pedram Afshar shows off his style at Westfield Pioneer Village near Hamilton, ON.

Domo Arigato Elvis

Oct 5 2008Doug Jarvis better known as the Silver Elvis performs for the crowd at the Markham Fair.

Pedal Power

Oct 5 2008The Markham Fair was held over the weekend, which featured an agricultural show, crafts, a midway, elephant rides, horse racing, and a variety of events for kids. Including the children's pedal tractor pull.

"O" Line VS "D" Line

Oct 2 2008The Eastview Wildcats Jr football team hosted the North Vikings today, the score at half was 0-0 but a fourth quarter meltdown by the Vikings handed the Wildcats a 15-0 victory. Here the Vikings offensive line prepares to stop the pass rush of the Wildcats defence.

In Your Face

Sept 25 2008Alex Ebner from the North Vikings takes a fist in the face while returning a punt in a game versus the Twin Lakes Thunderbirds. North would go on to win the game 19-7.

Battle Of Britain: 68th Anniversary

Sept 21 2008Today marked the 68th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, a fearless defence of the British Home Isles, which saw the RAF break the back of the German Luftwaffe and postpone Hitler's planned invasion of Britain indefinetly, and heralded Germany's ultimate defeat at the hands of the Allies. Over 100 servicemen from the RCAF took part in the battle. Today they were honoured with a ceremony to commemorate the victory at Fred Grant Square in Barrie.

Thursday Night Lights

Sept 18 2008The Innisdale Invaders Sr team takes to the field during a night game as part of the opening day of the highschool football season. The games are part of Thursday Night Lights sponsored by the Barrie Examiner, where special lights are set up enabling play to continue well past sunset.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Sept 18 2008The highschool football season kicked off with an evening game with the St. Joan of Arc Knights facing off against the Innisdal Invaders. Garret McIsaac of the Knights a Cornerback watches as the offense takes the field after halftime. the Knights would lose 34-0.

What Just Happened

Sept 18 2008A referee explains a penalty to the head coach of the St. Joan of Arc Knights.


Sept 18 2008It's back, my favourite season of the year, Football season. The highschool regular season kicked off today with this game featuring the Jr teams from the Bear Creek Kodiaks (red) versus the Banting Marauders (black).

Man VS Pigeons

Sept 14 2008A man tries to enjoy his french fries at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, while fending off some persistent pigeons.


Sept 14 2008Another photo from my ongoing project of hipshots. This one on Queen Street in Toronto.


Sept 14 2008No caption

Frankenstein The Bike II: Truly A Supercycle

Sept 13 2008Second photo of my hybrid bicycle, made with parts from 4 different bikes. Features include a single rear brake, a sweet speedometer/odometer, and snazzy graphics.

More Hip Shots

Sept 1 2008The last long weekend of Summer, Labour Day, was spectacular with many people choosing to hit the beach. I did too and continued to work on my hip shooting pics. Centennial Beach, Barrie, ON.

Barrie Fair 2008

Aug 24 2008The annual Barrie Fair and Agricultural Show was held over this weekend with over 400 vendors, midway, and a variety of agricultural competitions. It was the final year for the Barrie Fair to be held at the Barrie Events Centre which is soon to be demolished to make way for a new commercial plaza. Next year the Barrie Fair is to be held in nearby Essa Township.

Don't Wanna Go

Aug 24 2008So I've been working on a series of shots taken with my camera sort of just hanging down by my side and seeing what kind of pictures I get. Today I took the idea to the Barrie Fair and here's the latest photo.

See Ya Later Alligator

Aug 24 2008A five year old American alligator, named Lady Chomps Alot, part of an exhibition display at the Barrie Fair, put on by Little Ray's Reptile Zoo from Ottawa, ON.

Chili Dogs

Aug 24 2008Chili Dog truck at the Barrie Fair.

Globe 'O' Death

Aug 24 2008The Fearless Flores were one of the many acts performing at the Barrie Fair. Part of the show was the Globe of Death which is a steel cage in which they race around and upside down with dirtbikes.

Funhouse: Barrie Fair 2008

Aug 24 2008Funhouse attendant at the midway of the Barrie Fair and Agricultural Show held at Barrie Events Centre.

Angela and John Wedding

Aug 9 2008Angela the bride and a bunch of the groomsmen out front of the hall in Stayner, ON. Was the first wedding I've been to in a long time so I wanted to shoot some photos of it.


Aug 9 2008 My cousin Angela and her new husband John Vanderstelt, snapped some photos of the newlyweds outside a hall in Stayner, ON where the reception was. Pretty nice farmers field back there.


Aug 1 2008Classic Canadian rockers Trooper played a show as part of the Kempenfest festivities in Barrie.

$5 admission, $5 beer, and 2 hours of classic songs like "Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time", "Boys in the Bright White Sports Car", and "Raise a Little Hell", an amazing show.

Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time

Aug 1 2008Canadian rock icons Trooper opened Kempenfest, one of the largest craft shows in Ontario, last night. Playing for a solid two hours, to a capacity (and extremely drunk crowd) on the main stage at Centennial Beach.

Hot Shots

Aug 1 2008Ramon McGuire lead singer of Trooper, he's fronted the band since their debut album in 1975, hailing from Vancouver Island they are one of the hardest touring bands in the world performing over 300 shows a year.


Aug 1 2008Member of the RCAF, part of the colour guard for Kempenfest in Barrie, ON.


Aug 1 2008Colonel Michael Sweeney acting Commanding Officer of CFB Borden speaking at Kempenfest in Barrie, 2 days after replacing Capt. Fred Schmidt who was removed as Commanding Officer of the military base after an internal administrative investigation found he made inappropriate verbal "advances" towards two female officers last month.

Elvis Alive And Well In Collingwood

July 25 2008Elvis taking a stroll outside the Gayety Theatre in downtown Collingwood, ON.

Elvi Have Left The Building

July 25 2008Two Elvi (plural of Elvis) take a break from performing behind the Gayety Theatre in downtown Collingwood. Elvis impersonators come from all ages and denominations from 7 years of age to a Filipino grandmother named Xena (who was amazing).

Dragon Smile

July 25 2008The Dragon Coaster at the midway during ElvisFest in Collingwood, ON.

Collingwood ElvisFest 2008

July 25 2008The City of Collingwood held ElvisFest this weekend, now in its 14th year the event is the largest Elvis themed festival in the world. This year featured over 100 different Elvis impersonators all competing for the coveted Best Performer trophy. Here some of Elvis' children enjoy a laugh after their father performed on the main stage.

Hail To The King Baby!

July 25 2008One f the many Elvis impersonators performing at ElvisFest in Collingwood shows off his many rings, including Elvis' signature "Taking Care of Business" ring.

Another Hip Shot

July 25 2008Another shot taken from the hip while walking around, the second in a series of images of shots taken while my camera dangles from my neck-strap.


July 17 2008Seven year-old Brycen shows off his new look after losing his two front teeth.

Bottoms Up

July 17 2008Bottoms Up! drinking beer on a hot day at Wasaga Beach, ON.


July 17 2008Jenny Ferraro painting her nails before a night out in Wasaga Beach, ON.


July 13 2008Professional BBQ team Hawgs Gone Wild from Daytona Beach FL, was one of the many teams competing in the 7th Annual Barrie RibFest and Craft Beer show downtown at Memorial Square this weekend.

Hip Shooter

June 29 2008Shot from the hip; a man taking in the sights along Church Street during Pride Week.